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⁦☘️⁩ Gidi Shperber

⁦☘️⁩ Gidi Shperber

I help enterprises to implement AI in their products, successfully! CEO @ Shibumi.AI


Give me raw data, of any format, type or flavor and I’ll squeeze tons of important insights!

In the last few years, I was fortunate to assist many companies to boost performance by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence.

This unique ability paved the way to Shibumi.AI – a boutique Data-Science solutions firm.
Shibumi’s AI-Driven team of highly skilled engineers is using a wide array of methodologies and tools to milk more Actionable Intelligence from your raw data.

Shibumi’s offering is composed of several subdomains: machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing. Our customers are developing and operating virtually in all sectors, such as commerce, medicine, academia transportation, and security.

Our main projects are in the fields of:

▪ Computer Vision
▪ Text Analytics
▪ Personalization
▪ Time series Analytics
▪ Tabular Data
▪ Marketing Optimization

To boost the corporate performance, based on your own data, feel free to contact me directly at:


  • Data Science Team Leader - Social Gaming (888holdings)
  • Casino Product Analyst and Statistician (
  • Quantitative Analyst (Nutrimenta Finance & Investments)
  • CEO (Shibumi.AI)
  • QA Engineer (Elbit Systems Ltd)
  • Chief Data Scientist (Shibumi.AI)


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