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πŸŒ™ Lia Bliss

πŸŒ™ Lia Bliss

BlissPoint | Director of Executive Engagement Strategy & Sales Enablement | LinkedIn Trainer | Speaker | Author | Empowering Women in Tech

Salt Lake City Metropolitan Area

As a Director of Executive Engagement Strategy and Sales Enablement, LinkedIn Trainer, speaker and author, I work with sales teams, executives and entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

By helping them become more comfortable with their big vision, they are able to build their business confidently and strategically.

In the ever changing economic and social media driven world, sales leaders and their teams must have mastery of their mindset. The way you view yourself, your business goals, and the world is directly linked to your success. A healthy, business mindset, balanced by big picture thinking and the day to day work to make it happen, is not something anyone should be without.

Curious about how an individual defines success, and passionate about helping people find true happiness I've worked with people all over the world, leading them to find the courage to start living a life they are truly excited about.

All this experience has allowed me to put together simple and effective Mindset and Social Media coaching strategy, allowing anyone to live their Best Life.
This is accomplished by:

β€’ Becoming vividly clear on the Big Vision and maintaining that vision over time
β€’ Understanding what needs to be done on a daily basis and keeping consistency in working towards the Big Vision.

Other Things You Might Like To Know About Me
β€’ I think the number one difference you can make in your mindset is daily journaling
β€’ I created my own tarot deck
β€’ I spent 8 years as a personal fashion stylist
β€’ I studied performance Opera in high school and college.

You can follow me on Instagram at @bestliabliss


  • Credit Analyst (Discover Financial Services)
  • Director of Executive Engagement Strategy & Sales Enablement (BlissPoint Consulting)
  • Consultant (Bliss Mindset)
  • Retail Sales Manager (White House Black Market)
  • Director Of Operations (American Senior Benefits)


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