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Adam Henderson

Adam Henderson

Organisational Development and Employee Engagement specialist | Trainer | TEDx & Event speaker | 2.1 million+ article views

London, England

The Global Pandemic. New technology. Globalisation. Political polarisation. Brexit. The Great recession. These are just a few of the major influences over the past decade that have shaped the world around us, which has inevitably impacted what, how, when and where we work. Why then are so many organisations and leaders working in the same way they were 30 years ago or even 50 years ago?

Organisations need to reflect the way the world is and not the way the world was, as far too many organisations and so-called leaders, are operating in outdated ways with approaches to leadership and management founded in the industrial era, that no longer work today and instead of helping, often harm organisational performance and the people within them.

I specialise in understanding this ever changing world of work, combining organisational psychology, communications, economics and technology, with an operational & strategic mindset and 15+ years of business experience, to help organisations and their leader’s implement new ways of working so they can thrive in the fast changing world of work. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact me on:


  • Strategy and Operations Lead (We Are Beyond)
  • Support team (The Association for Business Psychology)
  • Speaker, Writer & OD Consultant (Adam Henderson)
  • Strategy & Communications Director (The Health Coaching Academy)
  • MSc Organisational Psychology (Birkbeck, University of London)


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