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Adam van der Kruk

Adam van der Kruk

Senior software developer and architect at Intuition Robotics


Alias: TacB0sS

There are no problems... Only challenges!!

I am a self taught software engineer, I wrote my first lines of code around the age of 8… Today I am a supreme developer and architect with extraordinary skills in OOD, OOFP!
I believe software architecture, coding and debugging are nothing less than pure art!

I develop anything and everything from the small product feature or UI to the massive architecture that will drive a company. I do mobile, desktop, frontend, backend, automation, CI/CD (you name it).

I adapt quickly to new languages, my recent is Typescript (checkout Thunderstorm), I find it to be the nearly perfect hybrid of Java and Javascript.. I love it!

While being a highly skilled software engineer in multiple languages, platforms and methodologies, one of my strongest suits is the ability to analyze, point out and solve software and architecture problems, organizational flaws, enforce proper work methodologies while sticking to the correct code conventions, or in other words, maximize your team’s efficiency.

I possess excellent interpersonal skills, I’m attentive to both my clients and my employees. I believe the proper recipe to achieve a goal is by working together as a team that is orchestrated by good software architecture, reasonable code conventions, motivating working environment, guidance and a lot of good spirit.
-- With the above I truly believe everything is possible .

Working closely on Mac (Linux in the past) while developing.
Vast experience using most of today's IDEs:
Android Studio, IntelliJ, Eclipse, xCode, AppCode, NetBeans ,IAR and CCS(Code Composer Studio).

Working closely with Linux Servers, using various technologies:
Tomcat, Express, Nginx, Reids(Jedis), Mongo, SQL, NoSQL..

React & Typescript

Automation & QA:
Unit Testing, Jenkins, CI/CD

Languages: (by order)
Java, Javascript, Typescript, bash, C, C++, ObjectiveC, C#, Python

“Anyone can code but only the fearless can be great”


  • Senior Mobile Team Leader (iam+)
  • Performance and Optimizations consultant & Designing and Developing complex generic frameworks (Nu-Art)
  • Senior Fullstack developer and architect (Intuition Robotics)
  • Full Stack Developer - as a service (Nu Art Software)
  • Senior Android/Java Team Leader (MyPermissions)
  • Android developer (AT&T as Sub-Contractor from Top-Q)


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