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Adi Levin

Adi Levin

Software Engineer at Meta


I'm a software developer, software architect and mathematician; I am people-oriented, hands-on, and a lover of technology and innovation. I am an effective communicator and influencer and I enjoy giving excellent lectures.

I have a long-time passion for coding and software design: I began programming when I was 12 years old, and haven't stopped since. I enjoy studying, implementing and teaching everything related to coding and software design.

I have done lots of object-oriented design, desktop apps, web apps, 3D, high performance computing and multi-threading, and automated testing. I have experience with highly available and scalable cloud architectures on AWS, and designing systems that span multiple data centers.

My Ph.D is in applied mathematics. My area of expertise in math has been the representation of geometry for computer graphics, and I have published multiple papers in on Subdivision Surfaces, including 3 Siggraph papers. I have lots of experience in algorithm design and implementation in the fields of Computer Aided Design; Computer Vision; Image Processing; 3D computations, surface reconstruction and design; 2D and 3D shape matching; Optimization methods; CNC Tool-path planning.

I've managed small teams (up to 4 people) for over 20 years, and have successful experience working in a global organization with multiple remote teams, as a primary technical leader for large projects.

My primary strength is the ability and will to learn and to share knowledge, and my moto is "Every day at work is an opportunity to excel".


  • Fellow Platform Architect (Align Technology)
  • Researcher in Computer Graphics (Caltech)
  • Head of Algorithms group (Cadent Ltd.)
  • Technical Director - Algorithms (Align Technology)
  • Technical Director - Platform Architect (Align Technology)
  • Technical Director - Software Architect (Align Technology)
  • Head of Algorithms group (Cimatron)
  • Software Engineer (Meta)


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