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Adi Levy ★ I'm Hiring ★

Adi Levy ★ I'm Hiring ★

SCRUM Master & Software Engineer at attenti Electronic Monitoring Ltd.


Backend/Android Developer.

Your right-hand team member which believes in simple, neat and clean solutions to complex problems.
Always striving to learn new things, and technologies.

With over than 10 years of experience in software engineering, in the Hi-Tech industry,
In different development environments, working environments ranging from large companies to startups, roles, and customers ranging from large telecom corporates throughout the globe, to medium sized enterprises.

Experienced with taking a feature or personal initiatives from requirements level to a successful completion throughout all development steps.

Experienced in both backend, and frontend design and development,
Starting from proprietary low level development, on Unix environment and reverse engineering
to high level scripting, my experience includes:

- C++ experience for over 7 years, including mutithreaded environments, multi process environments, boost experience, and STL. delivering enterprise grade code for complex systems.
Designed services and applications intended for efficiency and speed in user space.
Experienced in OOP, and Event Based Programming.

- 3 Years of experience in Python, Perl and PHP scripting, including experience in HipHop, and educational experience with Django frameworks

- DB experience includes MySQL, Oracle,and DBServer at use level as well as at protocol level.

- Experience with Amazon AWS services.

- Experience with HTTP, RESTful API, SOAP API, Single-Sign-On. Networking, and Secured programming.


  • Senior Software Engineer (Nokia Siemens Networks)
  • Software Engineer (Cellrox)
  • Backend Software Engineer (GreenSQL)
  • Software Engineer (
  • SCRUM Master & Software Engineer (Attenti Electronic Monitoring)


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