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Adrian Ispas

Adrian Ispas

Group Manager & TLS, WebGroup


Hey there!

Linkedin kept pinging me to add a summary – so eventually I said.. why not? How hard would it be to sum up myself? So here goes nothing:

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a computer freak.
The first key pressed on a computer was back in 1989, on a friend’s surreal 32kB ROM 64kB RAM Z80Spectrum-based 8-bit at ~3.5MHz HC85 with a glamorous 256x256 monochrome display.
I was hooked. Two years later, I had my very own brand new HC91 BASIC-operated powerhouse. Writing simple things and drawing in BASIC was so much fun, I remember it like it was yesterday.
Then three years later came HC2000, and then in 1996 I had my first PC: a whooping 133MHz (66MHz FSB) Pentium with Win95 on it.
So now I could try them all: AutoCAD, VB4.0, FoxPro, Pascal, 3D StudioMAX, NortonCommander, NFS2SE :), you name it.
Of course, going on the same trend, the high-school of choice was Informatics and the faculty of choice was Electronics and Telecommunications (UPB).
Back in 2004 in the 2nd year of faculty, I realized something great: I can get payed for doing what I like! Something that was obvious for anyone, but for me it was an amazing discovery, and what an amazing road it has been!
Now at the end of 2020, looking back over more than 16 years in the industry, I can really say that I’ve had a lot of fun.
If you wanna know how it went, read on below per each job’s description.

When I’m working, I like the interactions and meeting with new people, hearing new perspectives, I like to educate and refine myself and the team in every way that I can, I try to deliver the highest possible quality, and I almost never use the word ‘I’, it is always ‘Us’.

Outside of work, I like reading about new discoveries (thank God they found water on Mars) and keeping up2date with the Renewables and EV market (because this is the future), read psychology books (like “Emotional Intelligence” or “The Power of Habit”), and trying to figure out if Apple M1 chip will eventually ruin Intel – basically no news is boring news. Also, I'm a freshman in ASE - Management, because why not :)

Throughout my career I’ve experienced a lot, met a lot of special people, made many many mistakes and learned even more lessons from them. I didn't always had the answer, but I always knew from where to get it.

Feel free to reach out if you wanna sync and talk about projects, processes, people management or about... how big you think Musk’s Starlink will grow :)


  • QA Team Lead & TLS - Web & Registration teams (888Sparkware)
  • QA Analyst (BluePhoenix Solutions)
  • DWH QA Engineer (Metro Group (AG))
  • SVE (Security for Virtualized Env) QA Team Lead & SLS/TLS (Bitdefender)
  • R&D Group Manager & TLS (888Sparkware)
  • Handheld Senior QA Engineer (IXI Mobile)


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