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Adrianne Franscini Marcum

Adrianne Franscini Marcum

VP of Engineering at Smarter Sorting

Austin, Texas

Results-focused manager, analyst, and strategist with MBA in International Business, a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and more than 17 years combined experience governing software development, researching market needs and matching product solutions, systems analysis and design, risk assessments, and process efficiency studies. Exhibits flexibility to adapt to emerging business realities, maximizes human capital, and effectively drives workflow productivity, schedules, and budget adherence. Introspective, insightful, and thorough, eager to embrace new PM role within growing company.


  • Product Manager (Siemens)
  • Educator (AISD)
  • Technical Director (Smarter Sorting)
  • Technical Project Manager (Q2ebanking)
  • Project Manager/Engineering Consultant (Perot Systems Corporation)
  • VP of Engineering (Smarter Sorting)


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