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Alejandro Boucabeille

Alejandro Boucabeille

Project Manager| Entrepreneur| CEO & COO| Writer |hosts The Entrepreneurial Adventurer | Lecturer|Athlete & President & Coach run4more|Festivals Director|Policy Advisor| Journalist| Leader|Amb

Rum, Tyrol

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” Barack Obama.

Boucabeille is a consultant and trainer for governmental and nongovernmental organizations as well as corporations. The core of his professional work is leadership, public policy, communicative crisis management, strategic planning and public diplomacy. Another of his focuses are International Relations, political communication, minorities, cultural work, migration and intercultural topics. Since 2011 he has served as political advisor for different national as well as international political figures and organizations on 4 continents.

Boucabeille has developed skills in Migration with skills to work with ethnic diversity and with people from different religious/academic/professional/sexual/political background.

10 years’ experience as an executive performing activity in different countries and in different branches: NGOs, public policies & politics, Tourism, Academia and other institutions.

8 years’ experience as a conference’s speaker, professor, researcher and mentor at undergraduate and graduate university level in Mexico and abroad. Good knowledge of politics & society and the Higher Education System and Colleges in the European Union and its different states as well as in the USA, Mexico and other Latin American countries – especially regarding the needs of vulnerable groups like indigenous people, immigrant population, abused children, third age, new entrepreneurs.

He is also a leadership expert, entrepreneur, executive, teacher and certified translator. He has also been active in academia as a scientist as well as a lecturer in over 15 countries and delivered conferences and academic as well as non-academic lectures in over 20 countries and 15 states of Mexico.

He has visited 87 and lived in 20 countries.



  • Editorial team member & journalist (matices Magazin)
  • Founder, CEO & Host (The Entrepreneurial Adventurer )
  • Chief Communications Officer and Strategic Media & Policy Advisor (WorldOCR)
  • Co-Founder, President, Coach & Athlete (Run4more)
  • Chief Operating Officer & CEO Europe (Travelposting)
  • Ambassador of Austria (Travelposting)


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