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Aleksandra D.

Aleksandra D.

Account Director


Hey, its Alexa!
What can I say about myself professionally that you can't see by looking at my profile?!

My job is to:

Create and actualize instruments and cycles to get clients, e.g., reviews, other listening posts, personas, venture planning.

Co-make new encounters with clients.

Bring together and break down client input and information.

Recognize measurements to follow and guarantee those measurements are connected to business results.

Offer the bits of knowledge from the client understanding instruments all through the association.

Teach the remainder of the association about the client and the client experience.

Adjust and join the association around the client.

Guarantee that the client and the effect on the client is implanted in all choices, plans and discussions.

Join forces with HR to guarantee that workers have an incredible encounter, and to guarantee that clients have an extraordinary encounter.

Join forces with the CIO to guarantee that the correct information is (a) open and (b) shareable; ready to get to the perfect individuals at the perfect time.

Build up the procedure to accomplish the ideal and planned client experience.

Above all, very enthusiastic and friendly person.
Have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


  • Global Goodwill Ambassador (Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA))
  • Professional Shop Assistant (Proonto)
  • Account Director (MarketJoy, Inc.)
  • Inside Sales Specialist (Nexus Auto Transport)
  • Vice President of Marketing (GT collection Official)


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