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Alex Koltun

Alex Koltun

Co-Founder & CTO at KanduAI


Seasoned entrepreneur and technology expert, with over 17 years of proven experience.
Expert in using innovation and technology to create real business value.

Recently successfully leading complex AI / Deep Learning technology research and development, from scratch to a best of breed product.

Hands on research and development of state of the art AI models for Detection/Segmentation/Similarity, training with self supervision / weak supervision.
Training Deep Learning models from videos and noisy crawled web data.
Building novel model architectures, mostly CNN based, running experiments and optimizing.
Mostly using pytorch for R&D, porting models to caffe2 / TensorFlow for deployment.
Conducting AI research resulting in several proprietary algorithms and methods.


  • Senior System Architect, Global Architecture (Verint)
  • Co-Founder & CTO (WebyClip)
  • Owner (Sprinter technologies)
  • Manager of General Applications (Verint)
  • CTO (ADACOM Cyber Security)
  • Co-Founder & CTO (KanduAI)


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