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Alex Savenok

Alex Savenok

Sr. FullStack Developer


Extensive experience and understanding of Internet/Web technologies.
More than 20 years of experience in R&D of web applications.
Excellent interpersonal relationships, working with clients and teams. Creative, responsible and motivated.

Areas of knowledge and experience:

-- Server side:
Node.js, Server-side rendering of JS apps using Angular Universal, Next.js
PHP (OOP, MVC), .NET (MVC), JSP/servlets

-- Client side:
◌ HTML/5, CSS/3
◌ JavaScript (ESnext) / TypeScript / CoffeScript / Angular / AngularJS / Svelte, etc.
◌ Micro-frontends architecture implementation
◌ Cross-browser / responsive compatible coding for desktop and mobile browsers
◌ Client-server architecture

-- DB:
NoSQL (Couchbase), SQL (MySql, Postgesql, InfiniDB); OLTP / OLAP includes ETL processing of various raw data

-- Development of BI, marketing and web analytics tools (design, ETL, representation, charts, Google Analytics API integration, Mixpanel, geographic data analysis (GIS), etc.)

-- Web performance optimization

-- SEO, conversion/UX/Ads optimization, content monetization


  • Senior Full Stack Web Developer (Catch Media Inc.)
  • Senior Web Developer (Snapily / HumanEyes Technologies, LTD.)
  • Frontend Developer Consultant (via Tikal) (Aternity)
  • Sr. FullStack Developer @ Sarine Technologies Ltd (via Tikal) (Sarine Technologies)
  • Full Stack Expert (Tikal - Fullstack as a Service)


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