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Alex Tudge

Alex Tudge

Senior iOS Developer at Moneybox

Holloway, England

I got into iOS development through environmental science and international law. Don't ask...

I've got a pretty solid grasp of UIKit, SwiftUI, auto-layout, MVVM-C, accessibility, coreData, networking and loads more, but I've worked with pretty much everything from IAP to HomeKIt.

Recently I've loved making the Moneybox app dark mode compatible, more accessible, implementing the coordinator pattern and building out some of our complex new tools and services. Personally I've been working on loads of SwiftUI projects and getting to grips with designing universal apps. All whilst keeping 22 house plants alive.


  • iOS Developer (Qualis Flow)
  • iOS Developer (Moneybox)
  • Sales and Promotions (THORPE PARK Resort)
  • Data and Information Officer (Local Government Boundary Commission for England)
  • Senior iOS Developer (Moneybox)


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