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Alexander Brodsky

Alexander Brodsky

Cobol Developer (MF & As/400)


30 years experience in application programming, Algorithms & Mathematical models development, knowledge of the book-keeping inventory. Mathematical Statistics.

Computer languages: Cobol, PL/1, REXX, JCL, CICS, Natural – on the MF.
C/C++, C#, REXX - on the PC
Data Bases: DB-2, eMerge, iWay, Sapiens’ Object Pool, Adabas, DataCom, DLI / IMS – on the MF.
MS SQL Server, Informix, dBase, FoxBase - on the PC
Operating Systems: MVS, VSE – on the MF, OS/400 – on the AS/400.


  • Programmer (Sapiens)
  • Programmer (SQLink)
  • programmer (Matrix)
  • Programmer (Ness Technologies)


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