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Alexandr Kostylev

Alexandr Kostylev

Senior Software Engineer at BetterMe: Health & Fitness


I am Software Engineer with 7+ years experience in web development. I am professional, creative, flexible with proven analytical skills. Highly organized and independent; able to efficiently coordinate tasks to accomplish projects with timeliness and creativity. Last years I also used technologies for message queuing and deferred processing (like RabbitMQ) and caching (Redis) to build scalable, high-performance distributed systems.

My strongest skills are:
- Programming language: PHP
- Paradigms and design principles: OOP, SOLID, KISS, MVC, EDA
- Relational database management system : MySQL, PostgreSQL
- Columnar database management system: ClickHouse
- NoSql: Redis (cache and PubSub)
- API specifications and architectural style: JsonAPI, OpenAPI, REST
- Access delegation: OAuth 1/2, LTI
- Version control: GIT
- Internationalization and localization : gettext
- Frameworks: Laravel, Symfony (as components)
- TDD: PHPUnit
- Project Tracking: JIRA
- Agile methodologies: Scrum, Kanban
- OS: MacOS X, Linux (Ubuntu)
- Сode quality control: phpmd, phpcs, phpcpd, phpstan
- Message broker: RabbitMQ

Other skills:
- Programming language: Java
- Frameworks: Spring
- TDD: JUnit4, JUnit5, Java Testcontainers
- Build Tool: maven, gradle
- Package manager: composer, npm,
- Search platform: Solr, Sphinx
- Documentation builder: apidocjs, swagger
- Virtualization: VirtualBox, Vagrant, Docker
- Template engine: Twig, Blade

I also had the experience of working with Memcached,SVN, ELK Stack, Grafana, Teamcity, Jenkins, Bitbucket, GitHub


  • Senior Software Engineer (Turnitin)
  • Senior Software Engineer (BetterMe: Health & Fitness)
  • Senior Software Engineer Team Lead (Unicheck)
  • PHP-Developer (City Frog)
  • Software Engineer (Unicheck)
  • PHP-Developer (Sidstudio)


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