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Alexandre Olivio de Andrade

Alexandre Olivio de Andrade

Cyber Security Engineer at KPMG Brazil

São Paulo, São Paulo

Alexandre Olivo is a problem solver by nature, always putting customer satisfaction as a top priority. Currently, He works as Senior Cyber Security at KPMG Brazil; my activities are focused on ethical hacking, red team, threat intell, intrusion detection/network monitoring, penetration testing on the mobile, web application, and infrastructure, GRC. Alexandre is in charge of the company's international projects in penetration testing and red team. He has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology, of which the last five years have been dedicated to penetration tests, hardening systems, fix security issues, forensic analysis, security assessments, and offensive security including physical attacks. He has a good knowledge of operating systems, computer architecture, compilers, assemblers for Intel x86, Python, PowerShell Scripts, and *nix Shell Scripts. He also has a solid knowledge of TCP/IP protocols and expertise in network infrastructure (Routers and Switches). His self-directed learning skills provided him a strong knowledge of computer principles, which makes his learning curve very fast. He has performed countless network, application, and web application penetration tests for various organizations across the globe, including government, banks, retail, as well as the payment card industry.


  • Cyber Security and Data Privacy Consultant (Baymetrics Tecnologia)
  • Cyber Security Engineer (KPMG Brazil)
  • Cyber Security Consultant (Apura Cybersecurity Intelligence)
  • Professor de Segurança da Informação e GRC (Instituto ARC)
  • Consultor em Segurança da Informação (Módulo Security Solutions)


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