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Alexey Chashchegorov

Alexey Chashchegorov

Senior Software Engineer

Moscow, Moscow City

Programming - let me know if you want to get it done.
Cause I have 15 incredible years of software development in: Distributed Systems, Networks, Cryptography, Kernel Programming, EDA. Full skills bullets list is much longer.
I like to learning new, making this learning fast and focused to reaching the product goals. My experience in working with local and big international companies makes me feel free to be a team member and a individual contributor.
New software technologies will make the difference to the world around you - I can be someone who help you to get this difference.

Skilled in: distributed systems, networks, tcp/ip, routing, kernel programming, kernel tuning, algorithms, data structures, agile, SDLC, software development, debugging, profiling, software design, design patterns, DevOps, CI/CD, git, perforce, gerrit, jenkins, tfs, multithreading, synchronisation, IPC, performance tuning (EBPF), C, C++, C++11, C++14, STL, boost, Python, Perl, Bash, Qt, Eclipse, Java, Android, Sql, mysql, fastdb, postgreSQL, Linux, Ubuntu, Unix, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows, MacOS, Javascript, Microsoft Office, Mingw, gcc, gdb, clang, lldb, valgrind, cachegrind, XML, JSON, HTTP, Google Protobuf, switches, routing, routers, network security, firewalls, cryptography, network security, PKI, Openssl, WAN, OOA, OOD, OOP, UML, Apache, nginx, unittesting, boost::asio, lockfree, corutines, KVM, Qemu, VmWare, Vix, PowerCli, Web Socket, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), gcloud, Openvpn, BigData processing, MapReduce


  • Senior Software Engineer (Deutsche Bank)
  • Software Engineer ( Informzachita)
  • Software Engineer (MICROSTYLE LIMITED)
  • Senior Software Engineer (Security Code Ltd.)
  • Senior Software Engineer (Yandex)
  • Team Leader (Security Code)


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