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Alin Finkelshtein

Alin Finkelshtein

Lecturer and Lab manager at Tel Aviv University


Deep knowledge in molecular biology and micobiology with specific hands-on experience in PCR, RT-PCR, site directed mutagenesis, cloning, sequencing, bioinformatics, yeast two hybrid, DNA and RNA purification for various applications including transcriptome.
Microbiology specialized knowledge in the field of bacterial populations dynamics, inter and intra species cooperation, population functional differentiation to sub-populations and morphotypes.
Biochemistry HPLC, separation methods,electrophoresis, proteins handling.
Various toxinlogy and apoptosis related assays
Light, fluorescent, confocal, TEM and SEM microscopy, including staining procedures.
General - excellent interpersonal skills, high capacity for learning and applying scientific methodologies from multiple disciplines. Experienced in working with and supervising others and managing multiple projects simultaneously. Experienced in teaching and lecturing


  • Teacher of advanced school student’s labs (Hebrew University)
  • PhD (Tel Aviv University)
  • Teaching Assistant (Tel Aviv University)
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) (Hebrew University)
  • Lecturer (Tel Aviv University)
  • Post doctoral position (Tel Aviv University)


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