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Alina Kushnir

Alina Kushnir

Sr. Manager of Engineering at Capital One Canada


Algorithms and architecture, programs and patents, people management and planning - I have been taking care of all these and many other aspects of Software Development since 1994.
I specialize in creating and managing teams consisting of talented engineers and leaders, ensuring they are happy, motivated, engaged, and growing. Only these teams produce high-quality, timely results.

Whenever I am starting a new project or joining an existing one, I focus on understanding the business that the project is supporting. Then, I am passing this knowledge to developers, helping them understand what the customers want, what they need, and whether there is a gap between the want and the need.

Whenever I am providing the solution architecture for the project, my prime considerations are practicality and scalability, both from the performance and functional perspectives. I am delighted that the solutions built on the architecture that I provided are all showing excellent longevity. Such designs align with the organizations long-term goals while allowing for staged deliverables to meet the immediate priorities.

I am particularly proud that my projects were delivered and exceeded the expectations of the business partners and stakeholders, including a significant number of projects that the management considered as being at a high risk of failure.


  • Sr. Development Manager, Derivatives, Scotia Capital (Scotiabank)
  • IT Manager, Digital MBNA Portfolio for DCTS (TD)
  • Sr. Manager of Engineering (Capital One Canada)
  • Development Manager, Infrastructure Software (BLACKBERRY)
  • Team Lead, Infrastructure Software (BLACKBERRY)
  • Senior Software Developer, Team Lead (ADexact Corporation)


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