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Amir Izhaki

Amir Izhaki

Company Owner at A.Izhaki- Coaching, Initiative, Managment LTD


After a lot of experience of leading hundreds of people, SME and large companies in Israel, Europe and USA for peak performance in realizing the potential and significant growth in sales and continued business development success, I decided to focus my business activity on investments in Real Estate abroad especially in USA and looking for special business’s investments.

The vision that drives me is to work as a team player, get people to succeed in their personal life and business, when they succeed I succeed and create a financial freedom through passive income who let us to keep growing and contribute to others.

My values are: faith, enthusiasm, giving, integrity, transparency, sharing, learning and improving.

I commit to my partners and investors growth in our business and working on pick performance on a daily basis, create an extraordinary life and legacy.

In God We Trust
Amir Izhaki


  • Risk Management Consultant (PwC)
  • Founder (Amir Izhaki- Business Entrepreneurship)
  • Company Owner (A.Izhaki- Coaching, Initiative, Managment LTD)
  • Founder and CEO (A.IZHAKI- Coaching, Initiative, Management LTD)


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