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Amir Khalili

Amir Khalili

Computer Vision Software Engineer at Amazon

Stanford, California

Knowledgeable about Computer vision, video and image processing, machine learning (Classification, supervised, semi-supervised, unsupervised and multiple instance learning, Reinforcement learnings).

Experienced with writing 3D graphics engines (real time, feature film and physically accurate).

Wrote patent and articles on applications of activity recognition in smart environments, and video conferencing.

Applied feature extraction, statistics and machine learning to various things in image and video search.

Machine learning, Computer vision, Image processing, Analytics, Computer graphics, Monte-carlo, Quantitative analysis, C/C++.


  • Computer Vision Software Engineer (Amazon)
  • Team Lead | Computer Vision (LG Electronics)
  • Research (Stanford University)
  • Researcher (Sony Electronics)
  • Computer Vision Engineer (Aquifi, Inc)


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