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Anat Belluco Feinkuchen

Anat Belluco Feinkuchen

OD Consultant at (independent)


During more than 20 years of professional experience, I have specialized in all aspects of Human Resources Management, i.e. consulting management and managers, HR operation, training &development. That included managing different professional HR units: Compensation & benefits, Training, OD, Recruitment, Welfare, Security & safety. I have consulted and led processes improvement in production, R&D, engineering and HQ departments.
As VP HR of ECI Telecom, I was involved in process of de-centralization and re-centralization, as much as merger & acquisition processes.
I have experienced HR management of subsidiaries around the world. From another side I have experienced HR management in subsidiary of European company.
Those processes demanded strong management and consultancy capabilities , accompanied by dedication and determination to succeed, the ability to think strategically and take decisions accordingly, skills in staff operation and management consultancy, and a very good ability to communicate with employees and managers at all levels.

• Managing HR units within complex organizations (280-
6300 employees)
• Managing HR activities of overseas subsidiaries
• Adapting HR processes to changing activity of
global corporation
• Planning and implementing compensation and benefits
• Designing and co-leading change management projects
(such as ERP implementation, merger and de-merger)
• Planning, implementing and managing training systems
• Managing and developing recruitment systems


  • Head of HR (Vonroll Transformers)
  • VP HR (ECI Telecom)
  • OD Consultant ((independent))
  • VP Global HR (Sapiens)
  • Head of training and organizational development (Tadiran Telecom)


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