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Andy Capaloff

Andy Capaloff

English sensibility, American wherewithal. In the football I love, we kick the ball!

Scottsdale, Arizona

In my school days, I was the little kid who had friends but was not in a clique. My politics were different from everybody else’s, so I learned how to state my case and stand my ground. If you’re both on the inside and the outside, it focuses you!

When I arrived in New York as a 22-year-old, having never lived away from home, I bought the New York Post and flicked directly to the Sports section. 6 pages of Yankees and about an inch and a half of Mets. I decided to follow the Mets. Got to love an underdog!

I love my growing family and am pained that we’re so spread out. I was born to be a Tottenham fan – 3rd generation on both sides. My grandkids are 5th generation, even if they’re too young to know it yet!

I have varied music tastes that don’t stretch to chart stuff. I’ve seen The Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Jam, Gang of Four, John McLaughlin, Talking Heads, and many more great bands. I also love cooking, birdwatching, and photography. The moments where I find an unexpected synergy of flavours, such as a Thai influenced Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup, or the perfect hummingbird capture, are pure joy.

In the workplace, I was able to drill down to the minutest details, ask the questions nobody else thought of, and find logic and story in the most complicated scenarios.

I graduated from accounting to computer programming. When writing programs, I got into the heads of potential users. I sought to ‘idiot-proof’ my work. Next, I moved into systems analysis, then to business analysis and QA. Again, I used logic and questions. Again, I wrote. But now my audience was mixed skill people at every level within companies, and my medium was documentation, classes, and high-level presentations.

When I moved into Digital Marketing, I found that every skill I’d accumulated was transportable. These include interviewing, questions, finding solutions within conundrums, writing, and presenting and delivering products.

My greatest satisfaction outside of family is in helping people find and navigate their own paths. Let me help you find yours.


  • BRS Aladdin Business Analyst, QA Tester (Deutsche Bank)
  • Business Analyst (Wipro)
  • Consultant, Charles River Business Analyst (Bank Hapoalim)
  • COO, Client and Vendor relations (Curatti)
  • Consultant, Senior Compliance Business Analyst (MFS Investment Management)


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