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Anirban Sarkar

Anirban Sarkar

Technology Enthusiast (16+ yrs) - Java | Spring Boot | Microservices | Big Data | HBase | PostgreSQL | TimescaleDB | Kafka | RabbitMQ | Spark | HDFS | AWS S3 | Analytics | Docker | Jenkins | OWASP

United Kingdom

• 16+ years of development experience in various technologies like Java,Python,Scala,Spring Boot ,Spring Reactor, Kafka , RabbitMQ , Spark, HDFS,Hibernate, MyBatis, Hazelcast ,Phoenix,Oracle, PostgreSQL,HBase, TimescaleDB etc.
• Was part of an international project development team in London,UK where I worked about 1.5 years as a solution integrator to develop a SOA based application platform on payment domain using Java, SOA, Oracle middleware, Business Rules, Service Bus & Message Broker.
• Strong hands-on experience in scalable RESTful APIs development using microservices architecture.
• Designed and developed large scale time-series sensor data ingestion (streaming and batch processing) system using lambda architecture.
• Currently working as Platform Architect in TCS Innovation Labs, working for the product TCUP - a domain agnostic IoT platform(PaaS) for industry 4.0.
• Over 5 years of hands-on experience on setting-up the highly scalable product infrastructure on AWS and Azure cloud platforms.
• Good hands-on experience in working with EC2,Elastic Load Balancer,Aurora,S3,Jenkins pipelines, JMeter, VisualVM etc.
• Rich hands-on implementation experience of non-functional(Security ,performance engineering,scaling etc.) requirements.
• Security vulnerability(eg. XSS,SQL Injection,CSRF,CRLF,Session fixation,Directory Traversal etc) remediation experience(design & implementation) using OWASP security guidelines and ESAPI.
• Secure & quality software development experience using Fortify SCA, Veracode, SonarQube etc. and
performed security scanning such as SAST, DAST, OSS, CVC, CVE to analyse and validate the source code,binaries and endpoints periodically throughout the product development life cycle.
• Comprehensive problem solving abilities, willingness to learn, self-motivated with positive attitude and love to write codes using modern technologies.
• 70% time in coding and 30% in design,architecture related activities.
• Familiar with both Agile and Waterfall software development methodologies.
• Developed applications for globally reputed clients like VISA, WorldPay, Intuit, GM, Maxis, Travelport, Novartis, Lexmark, Chembiotek Research and Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology(IGIB).

Domain knowledge:
4 years in financial,payment domain.
6+ years in IoT domain.
2.5 years in manufacturing domain.
2 years in bio & chemo informatics domain.
1 year in travel & hospitality domain.


  • Senior Software Engineer (Visa)
  • Platform Architect ( Associate Consultant) (Tata Consultancy Services(TCS Innovation Labs))
  • Solution integrator (Worldpay)
  • Senior System Engineer (IBM)
  • Senior software engineer (RS Software)


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