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Anna Ott

Anna Ott

Talent Advisor to +70 startups in HV's portfolio. Also doubling as the ESG Officer.

Berlin, Berlin

Anna Ott is VP People and responsible for ESG initatives at HV Capital, one of the leading VC funds in Europe. She has more than two decades of experience in HR, emphasising start-ups and digital business. She's worked closely with the portfolios of venture builders, incubators, and venture capitalists.

In all of her time with start-ups, Anna's excitement for the early days of a new organisation and its people topics has only grown.

In her current role, she therefor shares advice on how to think about organisational design, when to hire which talents, how to prepare for growth and how to build a healthy organisation. Anna is dedicated to supporting founders in making the right choices when growing the workforce in their company, which entails core HR topics as much as DEI.

Prior to HV Capital, Anna worked as an independent consultant for corporates, SMBs and start-ups and was an advisor to various HR Tech companies all over Europe.

Anna has been recognised by Finance Journal "Capital" as one of the "Top 40 under 40", as an HR influencer by the leading German HR journal and globally by the Academy to Innovate HR.


  • Advisory Board Member (Kienbaum)
  • Steering Committee Member (VentureESG)
  • VP People & ESG (HV Capital)
  • HR Advisor (GermanZero)
  • Advisor to HR Tech Startups & HR Consultant, as well as Speaker & Lecturer (frauott )


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