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Anton Berko

Anton Berko

Software Engineer


• 6+ years of experience in Software Design and programming
• Experienced with real-time 2D/3D Graphics Programming using DirectX, OpenGL
• Hands-on skills in coding using C/C++ and Java
• Clear understanding of Object Oriented Programming
• Highly motivated, hard working, a dependable team player and self-starter
• Excellent learning ability, good flexibility, attention to details

• Programming Languages: C/C++, Java, Python
• Technologies: OpenGL, DirectX, DirectShow, Win32 API, Windows GUI, COM/DCOM, HLSL, TCP/IP
• Databases: Oracle, MySQL
• Developer software and tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, MATLAB, Intel VTune, AMD CodeAnalyst, NVIDIA FX Composer, ATI Render Monkey, NVIDIA PerfHUD


  • Software Engineer (Graphics) (ARM)
  • Software Engineer (Airspace Simulation Centre on Don)
  • Research Assistant (South Russian State Technical University)
  • Software Engineer (Graphics) (ARM)


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