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Anton Povarov

Anton Povarov

VP of Engineering, Platform at Bumble

Moscow, Moscow

High performance, distributed server-side infrastructure.
Managing Engineering teams.

Extensive experience with programming in C, C++98/11/14 and Go languages (some PHP as well). Network and Linux systems programming. High performance distributed systems.
Often performing lead architecture/design role.

Lately have taken on a more managerial role, making things happen, the expected way, in expected timeframe.

Keywords: C/C++/Go/PHP, Nginx, Linux.

A few public talks (Russian):
* (Golang in Badoo)
* (Tarantool hits storage)
* (Platform engineering at Badoo, 2018)


  • Head of C/C++ Department. (Badoo)
  • Director of Moscow office (Badoo)
  • Head of Platform (Badoo)
  • Software Developer (Mamba)
  • self employed (self employed)
  • outsourcer (
  • Director of Moscow office (Bumble)
  • VP of Engineering, Platform (Bumble)


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