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Artem Bohomolov

Artem Bohomolov

I'm looking for a new job as Frontend Developer React.js/Vue.js (remote)


I have over 7 years of experience in software development. Recently, I’ve been responsible for building scalable, commercial SPAs on vue.js/react.js in the crypto-banking/VOIP/leasing industries. (Crypto banking systems/VoIP interfaces/leasing systems interfaces). Also, I have a big experience in building charts of any complexity and a good understanding of algorithms.

Besides, I was also involved in a number of commercial software projects, including large existing applications and projects which were implemented from scratch. Each of those projects was unique in some way and gave me a good understanding of the development and tests process including working in a team, work with requirements, continuous integration, unit testing and debugging. In addition, I have had a good experience and understanding of OOP/AOP approach and the whole bunch of design patterns. Concerning my personal traits, I have strong analytical capabilities, the ability to assimilate large amounts of information and identify key issues quickly. I am a diligent, responsible, punctual and pro-active person with the ability to learn quickly.

I have rich experience and strong technical knowledge in web development, especially in:
- JS/EcmaScript
- Vue.js(SPA/Nuxt.js/Vuex)
- React.js(Redux/Next.js)
- Node.js (express).
- PHP and Laravel Framework.
- Blockchain - (Graphene, Bitshares.js).
- TypeScript
- UnitTesting (jest)/e2e(test case) testing
- Webpack
- Rx.js (rxjs)
- CSS and Bootstrap/Bulma/etc CSS Frameworks.
- Stylus/LESS/SASS
- Server administrating. - (Nginx, Apache)
- Work in a team (Git, Scrum, git-flow)
- GraphQl
- Apollo
- Graphcool/Prisma
- Pug(Jade)
- Quasar.js/ElementUI/Vuetify.js/Nuxt.js/VueBootstrap.js
Other knowledge/experience:
- JIRA/Redmine/Trello
- Sentry
- PhoneGap
- Electron
- NPM scripts
- XSS/CSRF protecting
- Vim
- English (Upper-intermediate).


  • Senior Full Stack Developer (RealPage, Inc.)
  • Senior Full Stack Developer (GetVoIP)
  • Senior Full Stack Engineer (Moovweb)
  • Senior Software Engineer Team Lead (AL Mazor Ltd. International outsourcing company)
  • Senior Full Stack Developer (Arduino)


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