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Asaf Amran

Asaf Amran

Chief Technology Officer at Sela Group


A highly skilled senior R&D SW manager, adept in all stages of application products development, along with Business Logic, UI, SW infrastructure, UX, and management of over 80 employees.

International experience, strategic, technological & management thinking, understanding & characterizing clients’ needs, setting up tasks & schedules.

Initiating improvement processes, embedding an innovative culture, using Agile Scrum methodology, as well as crisis management skills.

Technological & business thinking, maximizing the relevant technologies, original thinking, motivating people & processes, and having excellent interpersonal skills.


  • SW Infrastructure & UI Group Manager (HP)
  • SW Application Section Manager (HP)
  • Chief Technology Officer (Sela Group)
  • SW Architect (HP)
  • Software Engineer (HP)


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