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Asif Khan

Asif Khan

BoardRec Consultant at Stickfest Ltd (including BoardRec)

London, England

Business disruption is now a reality that companies face on a regular basis. The major cause of disruption is the rapid advancement of technology and globalization, which allows new business models to be introduced at an ever-increasing rate and with rapidly declining costs.
Your company is most likely in danger of being disrupted by another new market player that you never heard of before. By the time that they enter your market to disrupt you, it’s usually too late.
INNOVO is a completely new way of doing business and revolutionizes the Innovation-to-Execution Cycle.
We deploy proven external innovations, new products and new technologies at our own risk for a share of the value added in cost savings or increased sales.
We enable you to:
• to tap into the latest, advanced technologies, innovations, solutions and (product) developments;
• to act as an early-stage business with innovative founders and to improve and accelerate your speed-of-execution dramatically;
• access to external funding allowing you to break-through the destructive cycle of short-term financial goals versus long-term investments in valuable innovations;
• to outsource the end-to end process of bringing commercially deployable innovations to market rapidly.
Hundreds of senior executives and innovators have spent years and invested jointly over $50m in developing and testing this new and unique business model for innovators and corporates to commercialise innovations.
Remember, great companies execute and disrupt at the same time. Let INNOVO help you to become a DISRUPTOR!
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me either through LinkedIn or at or go to:
INNOVO Innovation:
INNOVO Network:
INNOVO For Good:


  • Graduate Executive (INNOVO - New Global Commerce)
  • BoardRec Consultant (Stickfest Ltd (including BoardRec))
  • Operations Manager (INNOVO - New Global Commerce)
  • Operations Executive (INNOVO - New Global Commerce)


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