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Aurélie Hervet

Aurélie Hervet

Life & Love Coach - Helping strong independent women meet their match.

Sydney, New South Wales

With over 5 years’ experience working with female leaders in the humanitarian, HR and fashion industries, I’ve had the privilege to support some of most inspiring and dedicated women in Europe and Australia.

First as a PA, and now as a Certified NLP practitioner and Life & Love Coach (since 2017), we work on mindset and strategies, to create inner peace and overflowing energy. If their personal relationships improve drastically, their businesses, their communities, and the world at large also benefit from the work my clients are doing on themselves.

High achievers, my ladies have very high standards and therefore high expectations when it comes to relationships, and I help them build trust, create space and flow to attract and welcome their ideal partner.

Life can feel lonely at the top, and only you can create the change you want to see in your world.
If any of this resonates, you can contact me at or 0488 150 550.


  • Recruitment Consultant (Anávo)
  • Property Manager (Ee Real Estate)
  • Personal Assistant to CEO & Marketing Coordinator (The Freedom Hub)
  • Personal Assistant to CEO & CCO (Polyglot Group)
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist - Renewable Energy (Polyglot Group)
  • Life & Love Coach (Aurelie Hervet Coaching)
  • Recruitment Consultant (Anávo)


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