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Ayush Jaiswal

Ayush Jaiswal

CEO, Pesto

San Francisco, California

I'm passionate about building a business that has a great impact on society. I am very bullish about new tech disrupting the old and traditional industries and I enjoy being a part of it. Challenging the Status quo is fun.

I’m currently building

Pesto is on a mission to turn global software engineering wages into a meritocracy, regardless of where someone is born. Today we are focusing on upskilling India’s 5 million software engineers and pairing them with the world's top tech companies.

We're backed by Matrix Partners, Ryan Hoover, Sahil Lavignia, Hiten Shah, Ankur Nagpal, and some other favorite people we have.

I share some interesting learnings at


  • Cofounder/CEO (Pesto Tech)
  • Partner (Project Guerrilla)
  • Director & Country Manager (Startup Grind India)


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