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Barak Polivoda

Barak Polivoda

UX/UI and Industrial designer

Tel Aviv

My name is Barak Polivoda.
I'm a UX/UI and product designer - based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
I graduated (BA.Des) in Product Design at 'The Bezalel Academy Of Arts And Design.
As well as graduated from 'Codesigner' School of UX\UI design.

Leveraging the experience I gained during my studies and an exchange student program I took part of in Berlin, I started my personal and professional journey.
During the last year I am working as a UX/UI designer and I find it super attractive, challenging and inspiring.
Since I remember myself, I loved to observe people's behavior and explore the mechanism of products and nature forms.
In my free time, I'm doing AcroYoga, slackline, surfing, drawing, and reading.

Feel free to contact me for any question/idea/cool conversation topic :-)


  • Product Designer (Inspir Labs)
  • Industrial Design Specialist (STUDIO LAMA)
  • Design Engineer (ROTEL)
  • Designer (Freelance)
  • Designer (Civdrone)


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