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Benny Fluman- בני פלומן

Benny Fluman- בני פלומן

Generating and maturing leads into customers for international companies

Mazkeret Batya, Central

Hi, I am Benny Fluman, and I run the company MATCH - B2B. I have been working in sales, marketing, business management, and business architecture for 30 years. I have trained many senior executives, marketing and sales managers to maximize the investment in the marketing budget and convert it into sales. My specialty is improving the conversion rate from leads to customers.

Improving digital marketing through search engines and social networks may produce more leads yet doesn’t help convert them to customers. Most prospective customers do not buy the product immediately, and this is where work needs to be done to maintain contact and provide information for decision making.

Our company's professional challenge is to create a compelling Customer Journey and identify the right moment in the sales process.


  • Business Mentor (Yozmot Atid יוזמות עתיד)
  • Business Development Manager (PaymentsOp)
  • Sales And Marketing Consulting (Maof )
  • Co-Founder & CMO (PaymentsOp)
  • Co-Founder+CEO (MATCH B2B)
  • Company Owner (MATCH B2B)
  • Marketing Manager ( Michael Gaon Law office )


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