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Billy Mitchell

Billy Mitchell

CEO & Co-Founder at Searchlogic

Tualatin, Oregon

I have been an entrepreneur since I can remember. I see business as a living thing that needs continual attention and nurturing for survival. I love that!

For over a decade now, I’ve been helping organizations get more money back from their advertising dollars than they put in. I’ve worked on great teams, and built teams of my own.

Today, through Searchlogic, I focus on helping high-ticket marketing teams see more deeply through the journey they take their prospects and potential university recruits through: from awareness, to the point of transaction, and beyond into brand-building.

While we can serve any organization that fits the above description and has at least a small advertising budget, I particularly enjoy the process of helping higher education teams recruit more effectively.

This is because I don’t want to sit idly by and watch, while schools suffer from a model that needs to be updated, while we as a society approach the 18-year mark after the Great Recession.

Please get in touch with me if:
- You want a second set of eyes on your approach to digital enrollment and recruitment marketing
- You share the opinion that education needs to cease to be a defined 2-8 year journey and to start being a lifelong connection between organization and student
- You’re somewhat worried about 2024-2026 and not yet sure what changes you need to make to prepare yourself and your university for that day


Outside of Searchlogic, my greatest passions in life are my wife and 2 boys, nature and the outdoors & and helping people around the world build their own businesses and learn entrepreneurial skills. I truly believe that business can change a family which in turn will eventually change the world.


  • Broker / Owner (Mitchell Real Estate)
  • Partner (SearchLogic)
  • Social Media & PPC Account Manager (TQ Global)
  • B2B Digital Demand Generation Leader | CEO/Co-Founder @ Searchlogic (Searchlogic)
  • COO (Searchlogic)


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