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Bing Han

Bing Han

Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer/Applied Researcher at eBay

San Jose, California

OBJECTIVE: A data scientist/machine learning engineer/research scientist position in the area of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Mining that will utilize my doctoral education in Computer Science and past research experiences

- Experienced in delivering industry applications of machine learning, deep learning, and data mining.
- Outstanding achievement in advanced research on machine learning, data mining, and their applications with 10+ published first author journal and conference papers. Specializing in support vector machines, probabilistic graphical models (Bayesian networks and Markov networks), clustering and biclustering, neural network, decision tree, random forest, Gradient Boosting Machines, data integration, ensemble methods, feature selection, and model selection.
- Expert knowledge on parallel computing and distributed computing: Message Passing Interface (MPI), MapReduce (Hadoop), Hive, and Spark.
- Exceptional experiences with C/C++, Java, Python, Scala, R, and Matlab.


  • Senior Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer (Parallel Machines)
  • Research Associate (Boston University)
  • Principal Machine Learning Data Scientist (Intertrust Technologies Corporation)
  • Research Assistant (University of Kansas)
  • Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer/Applied Researcher (eBay)


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