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Boris Khachaturov

Boris Khachaturov

PhD, Project manager at Energetics Tecnologies Ltd.

Beersheba, Southern

Skills: Design of experimental set-up, methods of particle detection and data analysis.

Since February 2003 Energetics Technologies Ltd., Omer Industrial Park, Israel.
Position: Project Manager.
Activities: Design, assembly, test an Ultrasonic cell and measurement the energy liberation from Palladium loaded by Deuterium in the cell.
2000-2003 Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS), Israel; PHENIX, experiment at Brookhaven National Lab, Upton, USA.
Position: Research associate at Department of Particle Physics,WIS,Israel. Activities: Design, assembly and test a threshold Cerenkov counter, trigger system and data acquisition system for Hadron Blind Detector R&D in the Weizmann Institute. Data analysis of the experiment PHENIX.
1991-1999 Nucleon-Nucleon program at Saturne II accelerator (CEA-Saclay, France) and Spin physics program at LHE JINR(Dubna,Russia).
Position: Group leader at LNP JINR
Activities: Management, as well as research and development functions.

Specialties: Detectors R&D and data analysis for the experiments in physics.


  • Ph.D. in Physics (Looking for job)
  • Project Manager (PhD, Project manager at Energetics Tecnologies USA, LLC)


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