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Boris Oborin

Boris Oborin

Engineering- HVAC at Eyal Niv Engineering

Tel Aviv

Mr. Boris Oborin, is an engineer who has 22 years of experience with solid background in HVAC. His expertise has been primarily in the industrial and civil HVAC systems and includes basic, conceptual and detailed engineering studies of heating and air conditioning, water/sewer and fire fighting systems . He has experience as a senior HVAC engineer in industrial and civil air conditioning systems. Mr. Oborin’s dynamic, results-oriented work style, and his facility for interpersonal relationships, have served him well on projects in Russia and Israel. Mr. Oborin is fluent in English, beginner in Hebrew .


  • Chief Engineer/Design Manager (Exyte)
  • Engineering- HVAC (Eyal Niv Engineering)
  • Байкальская горная компания (BGK)
  • Senior Piping Engineer (Rizzani de Eccher)
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer, HVAC (Oteis)


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