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Brennan Hildebrand

Brennan Hildebrand

Leading highly effective teams to solve our customers most difficult problems

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

I am a seasoned software engineer with extensive experience in a broad range of technologies. As such, I consider myself a generalist. It’s not about a specific language or technology, those are just tools. It’s about choosing the right language or technology for the problem at hand.

Fast forward the years through engineering high volume large storage system development, multi-tier client server systems, multiple internet startups, dev and test consultant gigs, a masters degree in information science and becoming a full stack developer that can work on any level from the micro to the macro view of a project. I’m comfortable from a quick 10 line bash script, to some more complex python, to a full-blow OO design, with a complex data architecture and a RESTful interface or maybe a dynamic web ui with some good high-tech anthropology to back it up.

Today I'm leading global teams of people with both similar and varied backgrounds, helping them plan and achieve their career goals as well as ensuring we deliver well on those tasks set before us. The work is a focus, but we can't do the work without the people so providing them the support they need to get the job done and enjoy the work while they are at it is a key aspect of my role.

I thrive in fast paced environments with interesting problems. There is little more gratifying than leading a team to come up with a thoughtful and elegant solution; deconstructing a thing down to it's essence and building up a simple and straight forward design that can grow over time and use and still hold together.


  • Senior Manager, Product Reliability Engineering (Instabase)
  • Technical Lead, Software Engineering (AppDynamics)
  • Software Engineer (Fidelity National Information Services)
  • Software Engineer (University of Michigan Medical School)
  • Software Engineering Manager (AppDynamics)
  • Senior Software Engineering Manager, Agent SRE (AppDynamics)
  • Masters Student (Information Science) (University of Michigan)
  • Director Of Engineering (AppDynamics)


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