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Brian Beckman

Brian Beckman

Technology Fellow at GSI

Renton, Washington

Physics, Simulation software, Foundation platform and algorithms

600+ patents filed, 167 issued as of 17 Oct 2021 (search Google Patents for my name)

* Levels of Proficiency with Computer Languages and other Knowledge
** Expert (means)
+ Expansive Grasp of Concepts
+ Fluency & creativity with almost all details and idioms
+ Able to teach others at any level, including peers
+ Extensive portfolio of original production works
+ Has implemented or led or contributed to implementations
I'm expert in
+ Python 3, C, Mathematica, Wolfram, Clojure, Scheme, C#, LINQ, Rx
+ GPS Geodesy, Radio Astronomy, Kalman Filtering
+ Physics (Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity)
+ Mathematics (Manifolds, Linear Algebra, Differential Forms)
+ Time Warp Operating System, Parallel Distributed Discrete-Event Simulation
+ Secure Internet Protocols (SET)

** Proficient (means)
+ Total Grasp of Concepts
+ Fluency with most important details and idioms
+ Can teach advanced and beginner levels
+ Substantive corpus of original production works
+ Familiar with several top implementations
I am proficient in:
+ C++, FORTH, JavaScript (Node.JS)
+ Mathematics (Abstract Algebra, Number Theory, Probability & Statistics)

** Advanced (means)
+ Complete Grasp of Concepts
+ Fluency with major idioms and details
+ Can teach beginners
+ Corpus of academic, toy, prototype, blog-level samples
+ Familiar with at least one major implementation
I have advanced capability in
+ Common Lisp (SBCL, CLISP, ECL), F#, Haskell, TLA+, PlusCal, Wolfram System Modeler
+ Statistical Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Controls Theory
+ Cryptography, Category Theory

** Acquainted (means)
+ Grasp of Major Concepts
+ Written one or two sample programs
+ Learn by transference from other languages and systems
Things I'm acquainted with
+ Java, MATLAB, Simulink

** Rusty
+ Higher proficiency in the past, but not in many years
+ Awk, Perl


  • Physicist/Developer (Microsoft/Artsource)
  • Principal Software Architect (Microsoft)
  • Principal Software Engineer (Amazon)
  • Board Member (Toward Tradition)
  • Technology Fellow (GSI)


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