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Caio De Souza

Caio De Souza

Account Manager at Spectrum Enterprise

Dallas, Texas

I am very enthusiastic about helping the individuals within my communities, in both Dallas/Fort Worth, TX & São Paulo, Brazil to achieve greater personal & professional success.

Prior to my current role at Spectrum Enterprise, I lead retail teams at Verizon Wireless & T-Mobile, with a focus on market expansion into the Hispanic/Latino segment. My teams set out to accomplished our goals by first, creating a multi-lingual message, that could transcend across language barriers. Traditionally these barriers had kept potential clients from utilizing our spectacular services, or feeling comfortable visiting our local retail destinations. My teams worked tirelessly to breakthrough these obstacles, and it took several months to earn the trust & confidence of our local communities. However these efforts not only presented us with the opportunity to connect on a new level with local communities, but also increase our teams' sales by 20% year over year at T-Mobile. At Verizon Wireless these efforts increased our sales by 14% year over year, and our Customer Service Satisfaction Survey performance by 65%!

These experiences have helped me understand the true value of fluency in numerous languages, and how communicating through a familiar medium, can add a truly personal touch to the message being conveyed.


  • Account Representative (Spectrum Enterprise)
  • International Maketing Consultant (South/Central America) (rewardStyle)
  • Solutions Manager (Verizon Wireless)
  • Account Manager (Spectrum Enterprise)
  • Senior Sales Executive (T-Mobile)


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