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Cameron Bertram

Cameron Bertram

PwC Senior Manager - Microsoft Solution Architect

Greater Edinburgh Area

I joined PwC to lead the development of new innovative go-to-market solutions in the Microsoft technology space. My role was a combination of R&D, presales and client delivery engagements.

● Research and Development
Following a few months of research, I identified an opportunity for PwC to build a differentiated offering for clients seeking drone services with combined technology services that automates the manual processing of aerial images. Subsequent integration to business applications would then provide the client with a solution to manage the data through Case and Field Service functions.

● Drones, IoT, Azure, Machine Learning and Dynamics 365
My solution uses Azure for storage of aerial imagery then custom vision and machine learning services to automatically analyse the images. Where any anomalies are found, integration into Microsoft Dynamics allows users to manage this through a case workflow process and field service capability to deploy resources for further analysis or maintenance work on the asset.
Business Case and Solution Build

● Microsoft Alliance Partner Management
During this research and development project, I have been working closely with our Microsoft Alliance One Commercial Partner team to leverage cutting edge Azure capabilities and drive forward the strategy. My innovation was considered for a Microsoft Global Innovation award.

● Pre-sales
I have many years’ experience qualifying opportunities and crafting bid quality proposals for sales pursuits. This includes leading functional and technical teams to generate their fit/gap analysis and estimates whilst I contribute to the high-level solution scoping, overall architecture design, planning of the delivery projects, commercial models and formal response deliverables.

● IT Strategy and Solution Architect Client Engagements
As a solution architect I have also been working on client engagements to understand their challenges and vision in order to develop 3-5-year roadmaps. This includes mapping existing end-to-end business processes; existing IT landscapes; performing reviews and assessments of the As-Is state; developing a To-Be state with supporting technologies; and then building a multi-year roadmap, high-level plans and indicative budgetary estimate for implementation.

I am seeking a new role that requires a technology led person to operate in a strategic role to understand different customers, different technologies and act as a bridge between the business and IT teams.

Very interested in helping manage and grow a practice capability.


  • Senior .Net Developer (RBS)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution Architect (HP)
  • Microsoft Solutions Consultant (Electronic Data Systems)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Lead Solution Architect (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution Architect (HP)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution Architect (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution Architect (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution Architect (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
  • Senior Manager - Innovation Lead and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution Architect (PwC)


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