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Carlos Ávila

Carlos Ávila

Data Engineer || Python Developer || Audio Engineer || Violinist || Musical Productor

Guadalajara, Mexico Metropolitan Area

I love Metaphysics, Philosophy and Psychology.
Gnostic (Cathar), TechnoWizard, Sound Healer, Polymath.
Violinist, Chess Player, Bioinspired Programmer, Language Researcher (Spanish, Hebrew, Euskera)
Empower the Creator & the Believer.
26 years old.
Random Fact: I have more than 16,000 Courses on my Udemy Account.

Heavenly Scribe Wannabe

My Mantra: Create-Measure-Learn

Cosmopolite, a citizen holding allegiance to no country but God’s

His extremely logical perception of the world made him mysterious and his curiosity gave him the title of “The Renaissance Man”. The one thing, probably the essence of his genius, was his superhuman sense of connecting 2 opposites and creating a whole.

Non-Duality (Union) = Creation
Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis
Positive + Negative = Energy
Masculine + Feminine = Life
Nationalists + Globalists = Local Heart, Global Mindset

I was selected to take part in the invitation-only event: Kinnernet Venice 2018, the Italian edition of Kinnernet, a unique 3-day event by invitation only created in 2003 by Yossi Vardi, one of the leading Israeli innovators. Today, Kinnernet attracts the most renowned entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and technology experts of the world





  • Software Engineer (ContractRoom)
  • Software Engineer (GoExpedi)
  • Software Engineer - Big Data (Luxoft)
  • Web Scraping Consultant (Freelance)
  • Data Engineer (Rever, Inc)


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