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Cassie Gruber

Cassie Gruber

JABIL Director of Business Solutions, MBL Program at Master of Business Leadership Inc.

Buffalo, New York

First let me tell you this: I learned early in my career how to do everything wrong. It was a good education.

I spent almost a decade studying art and philosophy and working as a bartender. I loved art, it was my passion and when I studied philosophy, I created masterpieces, but I learned about people and relationships from my bartending experience. What makes a good bartender? What do you like about your favorite bartender? How they mix drinks? Or how they listen and communicate authentically. How they build a lasting relationship with you.

One day during those bartending years while wrapping up my educational period, I saw an ad for a job refurbishing computers. I am pretty mechanical and a little bit geeky, so I applied. They hired me. I learned everything about their business – how to refurbish a computer but also how to sell, market, develop processes, manage a P&L and I learned all about environmental regulations, certifications, and laws. I poured that knowledge into a vision for redesigning the company’s image, which helped to grow their sales by 20 percent. I soon became a partner of a small e-waste company on the east side of Buffalo, NY.

Since then, I have remained in this industry because I have a deep passion for the environment and sustainability. Every decision I have made in my career has been driven by purpose and meaning. I am keen on disrupting the industry and promote the positive transformation of the circular economy. I love meeting people and expanding my network, finding inspiration from those connections, “connecting the dots” and learning when I meet someone new, and cultivating trustworthy and long-lasting relationships. This dedication has allowed me to add substantial benefit and value to every organization where I have had the fortune to work.

The cornerstones of my life are family, relationships, and the environment. Being my most authentic self, growing my emotional intelligence and being present is a life-long investment to what is most meaningful to me hence being fulfilled, and living fully.

Please reach out to connect with me, and to discuss my passions and my recipe for success.


  • Vice President of Sustainability (The Turbon Group USA)
  • Director, Business Solutions (Jabil)
  • Vice President of Business Development (Re-LCD INC ReviveTech)
  • Vice President, Managing Partner (Electronic Recycling Technologies)
  • Director, Environmental Compliance (The Turbon Group USA)
  • Business Development Manager, Clover Environmental Solutions (Clover Technologies Group)


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