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Cedric Thiebault

Cedric Thiebault

Software & Cloud Engineer at senseFly

Lausanne, Vaud

● Tech Lead with 20 years of experience with Java and other JVM languages (Kotlin, Scala)
● DevOps evangelist
● Developed an AWS infra from scratch (100% infra as code)
● Built REST API with microservice architecture (cloud native)

Technical Skills:
● Langage : Kotlin, Java, Scala, Typescript, Python, Go
● DevOps : Terraform, Puppet, Ansible, Packer, Vagrant
● Containers : Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Helmfile, Rancher
● Data : Spark, Parquet
● Cloud : AWS, OVH
● Framework : Serverless, Spring Boot, Camel
● Persistence : JPA/Hibernate, MongoDB, Neo4j, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB, S3
● Messaging : AWS SQS
● Monitoring : Prometheus/Grafana, Kibana, Sentry, New Relic, AWS Cloudwatch
● REST : Swagger/OpenAPI, RestEasy, Jersey, Spring MVC, Protocol Buffer
● Front : VueJS, AngularJS, GWT, Spring MVC, LESS/SASS, Wicket
● Security : Keycloak, JWT, Shiro, Spring Security
● Test : JUnit, Mockito, MockK, EasyMock, AssertJ, PIT mutation, ScalaTest, PyTest
● SCM/Build : Git, Gradle, Maven, SBT, Jenkins, Gitlab CI, Sonar, TeamCity, Bamboo
● Methodology : Scrum, Kanban, TDD, XP 

My Open Source contributions are visible on my GitHub profile :


  • Senior Java Software Engineer (Nestlé Nespresso)
  • Software & Cloud Engineer (senseFly)
  • Software Architect / Java Senior Developer (Maelstrom Research)
  • Software Engineer (Crossing-Tech)
  • Senior Java Software Engineer (Antaes Consulting)


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