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Celine Berthier

Celine Berthier

Associate Research Scientist at University of Michigan


My master's work (DEA) at the University of Bordeaux (France) focused on polygalacturonase, an important grape berry maturation enzyme. Human disease research being my main interest, I accepted the offer to do a PhD in the nephrology field. From 2002-2005 in Switzerland, I studied matrix metalloproteinase proteins and their implication in kidney chronic rejection after transplantation and in polycystic kidney disease. To complement my background in biochemistry/molecular biology, I have developed systems biology skills by joining Dr. Matthias Kretzler’s team, now referred as Michigan Kidney Translational Medicine Core (MiKTMC,, at the University of Michigan. I found this was an excellent and unique combination to study the molecular mechanisms of human renal diseases.
My interests have been the molecular mechanisms and pathways of inflammatory glomerular and skin diseases, specifically in lupus and IgA nephropathy. I apply translational strategies on large-scale transcriptomics, proteomics, and clinical datasets to provide new perspectives on understanding disease pathogenesis.
I have enjoyed progressing every day in a strong collaborative research team, synergizing our unique and complementary expertise at all levels. Together with our collaborators, our goal has been to use state-of-the-art technologies and innovative approaches to advance toward individualized therapies for patients or “personalized medicine”, but also to identify new biomarkers reflecting renal disease progression, response to therapy and new therapeutic targets.
I have had the daily opportunity to collaborate with a broad spectrum of scientists, clinicians (nephrologists, rheumatologists, dermatologists), immunologists, bioinformaticians and technology experts, from various places (China for example) and in various environments/settings (academic, consortia, pharmaceutical companies).
This has given me the special strength to be able to link experimental and computational sciences, which has been helpful for many researchers to build new hypotheses and validate findings.

I commit to the highest quality of work with attention to detail, creativity, and an exceptional organization, prioritizing efforts across multiple simultaneous efforts, and working both as part of a team and individually to meet deadlines. I am persistent to reach goals and have strong problem-solving skills and analytical capabilities. I am flexible and quickly adaptable in rapidly changing and challenging situations. I am proactive, can handle multi tasks simultaneously and set priorities.


  • Post-doctoral research Fellow (University of Michigan Health System)
  • Associate Research Scientist (University of Michigan)
  • Research Investigator (University of Michigan)
  • PhD in Biochemistry (Inselspital of Bern)
  • Assistant Research Scientist (University of Michigan)


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