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Chris Carns

Chris Carns

Business Development Representative Sadoff E-Recycling and Data Destruction

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

I am an open and honest communicator that follows through and meets goals working in both a team setting and individually. I am a competitive and persistent person that is continually looking for the opportunity to build relationships that are beneficial professionally and personally. Furthermore, I am conscientious, consistent, dependable, well educated, resourceful, and have a strong ability to connect and communicate with a wide range of people. My honesty and dependability are cornerstones in building relationships with professionals in various business entities.


  • Business Development and Marketing/Group Sales (Badger Sportsman Magazine/Big Snow Resort)
  • Bartender (TJ's Harbor Restaurant)
  • English Teacher (Oshkosh Area School District)
  • Business Development Representative (Sadoff E-recycling and Data Destruction)
  • Outside Sales Representative (Belson Company)


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