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Claudiu Dăscălescu

Claudiu Dăscălescu

Growth Marketer @Archbee - docs tool for software and product teams 👨‍💻 bits and pieces of digital marketing & data analytics

Middletown, Delaware

If you want to teach a kid to ride a bike, training wheels are a bad idea. You're much better off with a small bike with no pedals. All training wheels do is confuse, distract, or stall.

The same thing is true for marketing. You don't need to go to school for years. You need to do marketing and practice.

So this is what I am doing since my college freshman year — started by volunteering within ELSA marketing & IT department, continued by self-learning WordPress CMS and building websites, driving traffic, creating content, monetizing via affiliate marketing.

Previous experience includes software sales, business development, but ended up as data-driven digital marketer.

I am looking for work that involves: theory, speculation, creativity, imagination, and a creative approach to problem-solving. The work should allow me to utilize my ability to analyze and make objective, logical decisions.


  • Marketing Data Analyst (IBM)
  • Growth Marketer (Themeisle)
  • Growth Marketer (Archbee)
  • Inbound Marketer (Beans United)
  • Senior Marketing Analyst (UiPath)


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