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Damaris Ola-Foluwe

Damaris Ola-Foluwe

Technology | Finance | Cybersecurity | Networking


The role of technology in any corporate organization cannot be overemphasized as it is the backbone of all business activities. The twenty-first century is driven by technology and this is what drives Damaris.

Damaris is your captivating, enthusiastic and interesting network and security engineer with multidimensional skills and talents that manifests as the situation requires. Damaris has experience in computer networking; information security; computer programming (scripting); technical support; technology infrastructure management and procurement and vendor management).

Damaris works as an Enterprise Engineering Intern at a data and marketing technology company building competence in enterprise networking and information security. She has enrolled in various personal development and career training. She is studying for her Cisco Certified Network Associate examinations and participating in the Andela Learning Community 4.0 Google Cloud course. She continuously develops herself by taking online courses, attending conferences and diligently keeping up with tech-related trends around the world.

She volunteers as the lead of Infrastructure in Consonance, a technology community of about 200-300 active people and drives engagement on Twitter (#ConsonanceInfrastructure) about technology sub-disciplines such as networking, information security, cloud computing. She is an active member of a Community Development Service Group where they take classes in public secondary schools to inspire the younger generation and teach them the importance of good education in a society and developing economy like ours (Nigeria).

Damaris is in search of opportunities to advance her career in network security and/or information security. She is open to platforms and opportunities that would make her learn, grow and get better while she adds value in exchange. A conversation with her would make you long for more as she is one of the most interesting people you would ever meet.


  • Enterprise Engineer (Graduate Intern) (Terragon Group)
  • Fellow (Subomi Plumptre Fellowship)
  • Information Security Analyst (Wema Bank Plc.)
  • Network Engineer (Student Intern) (Arcelor Networks Ltd)
  • Graduate Student (EduBridge Academy)


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