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Dan Palay

Dan Palay

Director Opsi Systems

City of Johannesburg, Gauteng

Transportation is experiencing a technology revolution - we're quickly moving to a world of 'smart mobility'.

Most businesses that have vehicle fleets, goods that need to be delivered, and sales or technical teams that need to see customers, are not optimally planning their scheduling and routing of these expensive resources.

Businesses often don't realize that, through technology, most of their logistical operations can be automated and optimized; real savings and a reduced carbon footprint can be realized through better planning systems, less vehicles, less (or no) fuel, and less staff. Improved visibility, real-time alerts, tight integrations with telematics, ERP and CRM systems contribute to better strategic information and customer service.

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  • Managing Director: Insurance (Opengate)
  • Managing Director (Opengate)
  • Founder and CEO (Wicount)
  • Director (Opsi Systems)
  • COO (Value+ Nettwork)
  • Strategic Business Consultant (Self Employed)


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